Current Available Investigators

We would like to introduce you to our warriors and wisdom keepers. We have taken sacred oaths to fulfill our duties in spiritual service to New Hampshire and the greater New England region barring Rhode Island and Connecticut.


Society Secretary

Brian handles all web and telephone communications on behalf of The Society. 

He also runs the appliance center on Ambling Road in the historic Seventh Hill neighborhood.


Warrior and Wisdom Keeper

Bearer of the Blueberry Branch, Mika is one of the four warriors of The Society.

Currently, Mika is in convalescence. We are praying for her recovery.


Veteran Warrior and Wisdom Keeper

Jacko is the foreguard of The Society and bearer of the sacred Cranberry Branch. 

He also hand delivers all society educational pamphlets and correspondences provided the addresses are accessible by skateboard.


Four Branch Warrior

Carl is the only member of the society capable of bearing all four branches at once. He is the silver tree.

Raised by his grandmother, an Obeah woman, Carl was informed from early on by an environment that prepared him to correspond with both worlds.

Frequently, he is able to fully deal with spiritual activities on his own although he needs long periods of rest before he can avail himself to New Hampshire again.

We are honored that Carl brings his deep lineage and wisdom to our Society.


Far See-er and Warrior

Maggi is the bearer of the sacred Rowan branch.

She is born with the head of an elder, able to see clearly into both worlds and draw wisdom from the ancestral pools of knowledge in the third layer of heaven.

Maggi holds a degree in Game Design and runs Imperial Games on Main Street when she isn't illuminating our understanding of spiritual forces.


Society President & High Priest

We come under the leadership of Ertha who now remains in Brandleburg, ME, and no longer ventures into the outside world.

Ertha is far older than her appearance suggests and has cultivated a powerful kale (force). As a result, she draws negative and positive forces toward her. This is something that takes all of her concentration to balance, but ordinary human beings are in incredible danger in her presence.

Due to her advanced age and having tried "everything you can possibly eat," Eretha now only eats raspberry yogurt. Care packages of yogurt are brought to her monthly. If you would like to contribute a gift of yogurt to Ertha, please bring it to the Grim Hill House by the fourth of each month. Yoplait Originals brand preferred. NO FRUIT ON THE BOTTOM. Thank you.



The Life You Save Could Be Your Own


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