Due to persistent electrical failure, we prefer to use analog methods of communication. 

We tried to start a blog and we will continue to try. We attempt to post regularly, but find that most of our posts disappear and are replaced by photos of strange things or people. 

If this happens, do not look into the eyes of the image, whatever you do. 

Instead, write to us and request a pamphlet which we will send by mail. If you live in Cradensburg, in-person delivery is a possibility if the weather is clear enough for skateboard use and Jacko’s arthritis isn’t acting up. 

Sometimes our contact form stops working. If this happens, please come back and try again later as it means we are in spiritual negotiations over our website. Thank you. 

Notice: Our pamphlet on becoming an Immortal is temporarily out of stock! Try embracing the parameters of a normal lifespan.

more information on our services and pamphlets below


We are the keepers of traditions that are more than 3,000 years old. We are highly trained and, as far as we know, the only society that is truly capable of resolving the paranormal needs of New Hampshire residents. We do sometimes travel as far as Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont but never Connecticut or Rhode Island (Rhode Island has its own societies.)




Please do not trust anyone who practices VICTORIAN METHODS of resolving spiritual activities. While these temporarily fix a problem, they serve only to create greater ones. Because of the prevalence of Victorian methodology, activity has significantly worsened in New Hampshire and throughout New England. Due to current litigation from THE VICTORIAN SPIRITUAL SOCIETY OF CRADENSBURG, we cannot elaborate more than this.


If you or someone you know have experienced what you believe could be symptoms of ookale activity, please contact someone from The Society right away. An investigator will come out immediately.


These are just a few examples of some common New Hampshire ookale phenomena.


1.) Seeing someone or something in your house that you know isn’t there.

2.) Electrical equipment stops functioning.

3.) Persistent strange dreams.

4.) A feeling of peril that you can’t shake off.

5.) Persons or animals disappearing in thin air.

6.) Children having nightmares or seeing things crawling along the ground (please contact us right away!)

7.) Faces in your windows looking in (not good).

8.) Faces in your windows looking out (even worse).

9.) Neil Gaiman sightings (especially dangerous).

10.) Rooms or areas that become exceptionally cold.

11.) Being visited by a dead relative.

12.) Having an extremely beautiful visitor appear in your house who asks you to embrace them (DO NOT EMBRACE THEM, DO NOT TALK TO THEM).

13.) Being followed all the way home by a blinding set of headlights in your rearview mirror.

14.) Seeing the shadow herd. If you hear or see the shadow herd, get your family and go in the opposite direction, do NOT let them cross your path and DO NOT CROSS THEIRS. CONSIDER STAYING IN A HOTEL UNTIL THEY HAVE PASSED.


In Loving Memory of Carl

Magician. Warrior. 
Customer Service Specialist. 
We keep the candles lit for your return. 

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